Friday, April 23, 2010

Ad: I Kid

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I heard they are redoing the TV show "Dallas" and am kind of looking forward to the prime time soap opera to come back. Who doesn't want mistaken identities, secret affairs and accidentally learning that someone is their own half cousin and daughter? Well, let me qualify that. All of these things are fun in fiction, when they're fake and no one is really suffering. Especially kids. I imagine if someone were really trying to take away your kids, and you lived in the Dallas area, (and you can find them... sorry, extra A-Team reference for no good reason except that we're talking old TV shows) you could connect with Child Custody Attorney Dallas and work on sorting things out. Including what they don't use the "in" in their ads in the link text. I'm guessing they've found that people don't use the "in" in the search box, so they are trying to be found by those people. Getting found by the people who want to find you is always a good thing. Hope the new TV show is good, and that all the kids end up where they best can be, in TV life and the real world.